How not get deceived on commissions

 Let's consider the situation. The client sees a certain amount on the balance sheet. It can be money that he just deposited, it can be money together with the winnings, or money together with a bonus, a loan, etc. It is important to realize that the money that a person actually deposited into his trading account and additional bonuses, loans, leverage or additional shares from a broker must be accounted for separately and is in separate accounts. In other words, in principle, there can be no situation when this money is somehow mixed. The next moment. If there are, say, some open transactions, then a certain amount from the balance is reserved for these transactions. In other words, if there is some amount of money on the balance sheet, then this is really the amount that should be available for withdrawal. There are no other options. When a person makes a request to withdraw his own money from his trading account, the first trick he comes across is when the broker says to him: &q